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Having a high-balance gift card for one of your favorite stores in your wallet is a great feeling.

Using a prepaid gift card is also a handy way to pay for small purchases at shops like Starbucks and Subway.

There are two main types of gift cards:
1. a universal giftcard from a company such as American Express or Visa that can be used anywhere
2. a card that can be used at only one specific store, such as Home Depot, Target or Starbucks.

Here are some of today's top offers:

Free Gas Card

Free Grocery Card

To receive one of these free cards, you must be at least 18 years of age or older, provide these companies with valid information and participate in further offers with them. (See each offer for complete details.)

Earn free gift cards at MyPoints
By joining MyPoints (the oldest loyalty site on the Web), you can earn points for filling out surveys and online shopping, which you can turn into free gift cards from your favorite online shops.

If you're interested in purchasing a store gift card to give as a gift, is the top choice.

Most gift cards can be used online or at your local store for business or personal use. Many giftcards are reloadable, meaning that you can repeatedly add more to the value of the card, which can be convenient. Most cards that you receive for free, however, are not reloadable.

Free gift cards you can get and either give to someone (as a gift) or use it yourself at your favorite retailer or online merchant.
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Most of your favorite stores offer gift cards and certificates. You can browse through some popular store gift cards right now.
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